Stay Motivated With the Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2023

Health and fitness apps have become increasingly popular in the past few years, especially with the pandemic and the need for more home workout options. These apps provide convenience, motivation, and a variety of helpful tools all in the palm of your hand. Here are some of my top picks for the best health and fitness apps of 2023: 

1.  Alo Moves

Why I like it: This app boasts thousands of videos with a variety of workout and mindfulness types. Find classes for various types of yoga, pilates, barre, Hiit, and also some amazing guided meditation and mindfulness options as well. They even offer classes to work on specific skills like arm balances or the splits.

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2.  MyFitnessPal

Why I like it: This app is my favorite way to track meals. You can easily track your macros, calories, nutrient intake, hydration, and more. It also connects to various fitness apps and devices and automatically adjusts calories burned to meet your fitness goals. It’s free to use, but they also have a premium option, which enables you to use the app ad free and also includes more features (i.e. bar code scanning for easier tracking) and analysis.

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3.  Strava

Why I like it: Strava is my favorite app for its GPS tracking of runs, hikes, bike rides, and more. I also love it because it can connect to your fitness device such as Apple watches, Garmin, etc. and will automatically connect workouts tracked on your device to your Strava feed. With Strava you can share workouts with friends, track your progress, set goals, and more. The paid subscription option offers deeper insights into your workouts, the ability to pre-plan and map out routes, training programs, and more.

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4. Aaptiv

Why I like it: Aaptiv is another fitness app that has tons of workouts to choose from. Most of the workouts are in audio form, with images of the movement/exercise you’re working on, but there are some video workout classes as well. Choose from yoga, indoor cycling, barre, strength training, guided meditation and more. Subscription is very affordable considering the plethora of options offered.

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5.  IntervalTimer

Why I like it: This is a super simple (and free!) app that I love using for interval training. You can set your own high/low intensity intervals to customize your workouts. Save your interval workout plans to use in the future. It’s great for high intensity interval training at home or for taking with for an interval run.

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6.  Strong

Why I like it: This is my favorite app for tracking weight training workouts. It has plenty of strength training templates you can use, or you can create your own workout, including subsets, using their large library of exercises. You can save workouts to do again in the future. Their pro option allows you to store unlimited routines, get insights and track your progress, track your body measurements, and more. It’s a great deal to do their $99 lifetime membership option. Pay once and never have to worry about it again!

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Do you have any favorite health or fitness apps that have helped you stay on track? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll consider adding them to my list! Let me know what you thought about this post and be sure to subscribe to my page for more health and wellness posts, as well as my colorful, nutritious recipes!

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